Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DESIGN THERAPY: Atelier R. Bernier

Atelier R. Bernier is a design workshop created in 2003 by Romain Bernier, based 150km east of Paris. They create unique home accessories that draw inspiration from nature and are interpreted in a graphic style.

Taking inspiration from Iceland, they have designed a new fabric collection. ‘Zig, boom!’ and ‘Fleur Pompon d’Islande’ (Icelandic pompom flowers). "Both fabrics were inspired by Iceland, its colours, its sounds, precious and rare flora. They are the beginning of a new story, which celebrates an even more colourful and graphic aesthetic." -via Atelier R. Bernier

Not only do I love the colour combinations they use, but they have the most delightful way of describing what they do. I think it comes out in the English translation. Describing their work as "poetic, colourful and elegant creations (that) will set your heart aflutter" pretty much sums it up!

My personal favourite is their Trophee de Chasse range, featuring a deer silhouette on a Toile de Jouy background in a range of contrasting colours. I am a sucker for anything Toile, and anything Deer related, so two in one feels like they were made for me!


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