Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SLUGS, SNAILS AND PUPPY DOG TAILS: Picks for little boys

Time for my favourite boy's picks in the world of children's fashion. Oliver and Noah, this one is most definitely for you.
No Added Sugar is unrivalled in its cutting edge style for the boy who has everything. My personal favourite has to be the Sailor and Pirate T-shirts. What little boy would not love these? Come to think of it, the allure of No Added Sugar is probably mostly that parents appreciate the design most of all. Cue Dad dressing up son in miniature versions of his own clothing! The newest collection of clothing for boys is available now.

Crewcuts for Boys, from J.Crew, offers the perfect blend of the traditional and stylish for the wee man. My Fall picks are a blend of Preppy classics and Eurotrash style (in the nicest possible way). J.Crew's collaboration with iconic designers has resulted in the ultimate heirloom pieces for children. Blundstone Boots (above, bottom left), Converse Jack Purcells (above center) and Levi's (above top right), to name just a few, will leave your boy dressed bettter than you could hope to be.


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