Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SUGAR AND SPICE & ALL THINGS NICE: Picks for little girls

I am a sucker for little girl's clothing, since the arrival of my niece Honor. Actually, since I became an Aunt for the first time, to the singularly cute and energetic Oliver, I had been collecting baby girls clothing in the hope of a niece arriving in the near future. Now don't get me wrong, I get excited about all the unique little boy's clothing out there, and pride myself in outfitting my nephews (Noah arrived 3 years after Oliver) in the most original creations I can find, but my obsession with pink took hold and now I have an outlet to bestow all my girly tendencies on. My number one rule for all my kiddie picks is always that they be less frilly and child-like, and more modern and mature. No cartoon characters or cutesy detail, this is serious style for amazing wee people.

My go-to for all baby clothing is first and foremost a London based children's clothing company No Added Sugar . Their pieces are not only well made, and full of individual detail, but they are so unique and full of attitude, I could just devour their entire collection.
Their signature look for girl's dresses, is the bustle. Bountiful folds of vibrant coloured fabric give the classic bustle form a modern twist. I especially love their new version of this style dress, Crocodile Tiers (pictured below). Feast your eyes on their designs for the thoroughly modern little girl here.

Crewcuts from the ever popular and newly revitalized J.Crew, under the Creative Directorship of Jenna Lyons, corner the market in the ultimate classic Preppy clothing (with a twist) for little ones.
Looking for a blazer, taffeta skirt, Twinset, basically any miniature version of an adult Prep's wardrobe for your child? Look no further...


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