Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Apples...An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

At least where I am right now, Fall/Autumn is in the air. Crisp, bright days like these make me think of apples. In Vermont, the Macintosh Apple makes up 70% of the harvest and the early macs start to appear in early September. They are my absolute favourite, tart, juicy and perfect for cider, pies or just on their own. And they smell delicious!
They got me thinking of my favourite apple-things. Apples are not just for eating you know!
Apple Mac Candle from Shearer Hill Farm, VT

1. Apple Soy Candle, ecram1 2. Apple Jacket, Jacqueline Knits 3. Big Apple Charm, Links of London 4. Apple Pickin'Skirt, Made With Love By Hannah

In Southern Vermont we are blessed with the Dutton Berry Farm stands, stuffed with appley goodness (& cider to die for!). What these guys don't know about apples, isn't worth knowing.

My brother at 10engines has a little more to say on the topic of Apple Pie...and cheese (Cabot of course).
And remember folks....


  1. I love the smell of apples cooking in the house and that skirt is adorable!

  2. man you covered all the bases. awesome.

  3. Yeah, think I found my new scented candles..don't you love the Mason Jars they are in!


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