Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Scented Candles...
There are few things in life that I love more than scented candles. I always have them burning, and although my addiction is strong, I am also very discerning in the candles I buy. Quality of the scent and the length of burn time are key. I like to think of my years of obsessively trying the newest out there, as research. So here are my top picks!
Recently, I have been converted to Soy Candles, for their cleaner burn and lack of pollutants, but my first love has to be Diptyque.
Originally a Paris interior design store, Diptyque was founded in 1961 by three friends, Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coueslant, all with an artistic and interior decoration background. It was their collective love of travel, to far flung exotic places such as the Far East and Africa, that first inspired the range of scents (launched in 1963). Initially created as an accessory to their interior design range using their own designs of printed cotton fabrics, their luxurious range of scented candles has gone on to be famous around the world. Their designs are simple and clean, using scents that range from herbal, to floral, fruity and woody. Figuier (fig) is my everyday favourite.
A cult brand based in Los Angeles, are A Scent of Scandal. Their soy candle tins are given names like "8 inches" (banana scent), "knocked up" (baby powder scent), "walk of shame" (morning dew scent) get the picture, risque names that have a tongue in cheek reference to their scents. "D-cups".......Melons of course!
For the best value candles, both in terms of scent and burn-time, I choose Bridgewater Candles. I have to admit I was put off initially by their generic "Yankee Candle" look, until they redesigned their packaging. These are natural soy blend wax candles, with simple scents that will evoke warm memories with their Christmas scents, Fresh Baked Apple Pie, Cinnamon and Clove and Butterscotch. I don't like sickly sweet scents, but the Red Hot Cinnamon is spicy and warm. My favourite of the bunch!
I included Shearer Hill Farm Country Candles in a previous post, so had to revisit them for this. I'll admit I haven't tried them, but their unique packaging in Mason Jars, their soy base and the homely scents they use, all make this my current favourite to try. Having just given up coffee (my life's love is Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut), I guess I will have to settle for this to curb my cravings.
Hazelnut Coffee Candle
Hmm, I think this might just add to my Coffee addiction!


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