Thursday, September 10, 2009


Made By Girl, Jennifer Ramos

Well.....more like Peppermint Tea break for me these days. Coffee is one of my life's loves. You could call it an addiction! I decided a couple of months back to give it up because strangely I think it was making it difficult for me to sleep, gave me palpatations, you know all the usual stuff that you get from too much caffeine. For someone who smuggles pounds of Green Mountain Coffee back in my luggage every time I go home to Vermont, this is a big deal!

Anyway, 2 months clean now (ok, a couple of falls off the wagon along the way) I think I am safe to admire it from afar and show you my coffee picks.
1. French Press Cosy, Remade Shop 2. Milk Bottle, Fishs Eddy 3. Dark Magic Espresso Blend, Green Mountain Coffee 4. Addict Cup, Trixie Delicious 5. Coffee Cup Sleeve, Jacqueline Knits 6. Diner Mug, Fishs Eddy

Robin's Jewelry Box is packed full of the cutest miniature pastries, cupcakes, pies and candies that adorn her jewelery. Her detail is so perfect, they are just good enough to eat!
Coffee and Donuts Necklace

For the perfect match to coffee, it has to be Coffee Cake. Smitten Kitchen is a cookery blog that sits firmly in the genre of Food Porn. It really is beautifully put together with the most exquisite pictures. If I baked, this would be first on my list.
Try the Big Crumb Coffee Cake, with the addition of rhubarb for a seasonal twist. Yummy.


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