Sunday, September 13, 2009

INSPIRED BY... Julia Child

"Julie and Julia", is a new movie based on the legendary cook Julia Child and writer Julie Powell. Julia Child single handedly transformed the American approach to cooking, with her bible "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".

Julie Powell, sought life changing inspiration through her commitment to cooking all 524 recipes in this book, in just 1 year.
Her blog was so successful that she got a book deal and then the 2 lady's stories were merged to create this wonderful movie. The gorgeous scenes set in 1950s Paris, are enough to make your mouth water.

If you don't know Julia Child, then shame on you! Check out her classic TV shows on PBS here. Julia was a ballsy woman who was determined to challenge herself through learning to cook, relatively late in life. Her story is a passionate one, both in her intense love affair with her husband and her commitment to introducing fabulous, and often decadent, food to America.
The Child Kitchen
Julia Child's Cambridge, Mass. Kitchen was transported to the Smithsonian as part of a permanent tribute to the Grande Dame of American Cooking. I LOVE the teal/duck egg blue colour of her cabinets. I will visit one day, but until then try the online tour here.

So, inspired by the fabulous Parisian scenes of Julia at the Cordon Bleu, and her own considerable personal are my picks. Bon Appetit! as Mrs Child always said!
Julia Posters

1. The Boutique Sugar Apron, The Cupcake Goddess 2. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer 3. Portmeirion Sophie Conran, Pestle & Mortar 4. Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole 5. Muji/Thonet Bentwood Bistro Chair

I love Julia Child for many things, but mostly for her unflappable approach to cooking in her confident belief that anything is possible in the kitchen, with not inconsiderable dedication to the craft. Above all, she urged the viewer/reader to carry on regardless. The ultimate example of Keep Calm and Carry on!

Thanks Mutt for a great day at the movies!


  1. I love the apron and also think it's neat that a blog can be turned into a movie! So cool!

  2. I know, I secretly crossed my fingers over that part of the movie. Seems like a fairytale ending!

  3. You have absolutely nailed this and will treasure the memory of our "you and me day " yesterday at the film. Takes me back to our early Boston days and seeing Julia on TV in the legendary "The French Chef".
    She always ended the programme going through to the dining room to taste the results of her cooking and signing off with the now famous "Bon appetit! " x

  4. Indeed, Bon Appetit! She had an appetite for life for sure!


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