Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, after the first couple of months of blogging, I think I am getting the hang of it. It really does take over your life, but I see it as a kind of therapy. I don't have such an urge to buy stuff after spending hours searching for content to illustrate my inspirations, and composing posts. That is a good thing, as shortly I will be packing up and moving across the Pond. Less clutter but way more things that I want...how frustrating!
Anyway, the point of this is to thank those who have really supported my endeavours and I know will continue to do so.

Lori Marie, my first Etsy friend and hopefully one day more than just a pen pal. Her work is so colourful, detailed and above all damn cute. Check out her wares on etsy and her delightful blog. Thanks to Lori, I have some gorgeous pouches, brooches and dolls that I am constantly getting compliments on. She has also directed tonnes of people over to my blog, which is much needed medicine for me in this enormous world of design blogs.

Daydreamer Doll

Foxy Tote..obviously

Wild Child Plush

Kristing Crane, my cousin and super talented book binder and artist. Her journals are perfect for any trip you are taking, or just to jot down your daily thoughts at home. She has encouraged my dreams from the start and gives much needed support for my future endeavour (you'll get to hear more about that soon). Here are a couple of my favourites of Kristin's work.
Pocket Rhode Island Journal

Vermont Journal..of course!

I have been lucky to have been featured on a couple of blogs so far, in recognition of the artists in my Apothecary Picks and hope this continues.

Ultimately, my inspiration for starting this journey was my brother James, at 10engines. I find lots of inspiration from the pieces he writes. Not only has he encouraged and coached me all the way through (I need tech support in a BIG way), but he has such a unique and inspiring approach to his writings. 10engines is my daily read.

So, coming up on Apothecary Fox, alongside the usual round up of my favourite things, I have interviews with my most favourite designers, artisans and bloggers. Also, I will share my plans and progress in establishing my own bricks and mortar store, back in Vermont. So keep in touch, leave your comments and know that all of your support is so very much appreciated. x


  1. oh yay! you are so sweet sarah for saying such nice things:)

    thank you
    smiles and hugs

    ps...when are you moving?
    i think i'm coming to edinburgh next august.

  2. Nothing more than you deserve my dear. I will be in Vermont from November of THIS year. I feel a trip to California coming on..x

  3. Thanks so much, Sarah! You're a natural blogger, a fast fave of mine. Looking forward to your big move and having you in New England! I hope there's a Providence trip in the cards :)

  4. You are definitely going to get a visit from me. I need some inspiration for my shop and I think Providence will have lots

  5. nice round up, keep throwing strikes helgs...


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