Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Alessi philosophy is delightful. "A true work of design must be able to move people, to convey feelings, to trigger memories, to surprise, to go against the grain... We work on expressive languages and on the expressive potential of the items... From this point of view, design intended... to conjure up images in people's minds, which makes them a bit happier, still has tremendous potential."- Alberto Alessi via Alessi

'The Dream Factory' of Alessi has been a world leader in inventive and unique designs of home accessories. They do not employ in-house designers, choosing instead to work on collaborations with world renowned designers such as Philippe Starck, Michael Graves and King Kong, as well as newly emerging design talent. To date, Alessi has worked with more than 500 designers world wide.

I love the fact that the vast majority of Alessi products are accessible, not merely aspirational. They are also designed based on a necessity to be practical, not just beautiful. My particular favourites are the brightly coloured quirly plastic kitchen accessories. You just can't fail to smile when using them.

1. Happy Spices, Spice Caddy 2. Bunny and Carrot, Kitchen Roll Holder 3. Ship Shape, Butter Dish 4. Cico, Egg Cup 5. Big Love, Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon 6. Cocco Dandy, Egg Cooking Basket 7. Mr. Suicide, Bath Tub Plug 8. Mary Biscuit, Biscuit Box 9. Carlo, Bottle Stopper

Alessi's stainless steel products are iconic design classics, that are instantly recognisable for their clean lines and simplicity.

10. Spirale, Ashtray 11. Mami, Stockpot 12. Juicy Salif, Juicer 13. Todo, Giant Grater 14. Kettle with Whistling Bird

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