Sunday, October 18, 2009


Not wanting to be too ahead of myself with the Festive references, but I have a passion for wreaths and personally don't think they are just for the Holidays. Last year we put one up on our door, and have still not taken it down! I thought we could get away with it as it is a Bell Wreath from Habitat, with my addition of a coloured bow that can be changed to reflect the seasons.

Meribel Bell Wreath, Habitat

In Britain Christmas Wreaths are most often made from Holly, but in the States Balsam is the modern norm. We decorate our barn in Vermont with a huge classic wreath with red ribbon and I love the simplicity of it.

A little history here...The Wreath has its' origins beginning in Pagan times, used during the Winter Solstice to represent the triumph of life and nature. Evergreens were perfect due to the fact that they thrive in the colder months. The circle form represents the circle of nature with seasons following each other in a never ending cycle.
The Christian symbolism of wreaths is referenced in the Bible, linked with joy, honor and victory. The Christmas wreath in this context represents a circle that has no beginning or end, a symbol of God's eternity. The use of Evergreens symbolize God's love and mercy. The Green colour symbolizes hope and new life. For more history try here as a start.

True to form, if given an option I look for something a little more individual and creative in my wreaths. I focus on the decorative aspect rather than the symbolism. My two favourite designers of wreaths from Etsy have taken the form and created fairytale versions for any season and occasion. I truly can't choose a single favourite, they are all delicious.

From Knock Knocking...

Faux Bois Wreath with Vintage Deer

Frosted Fuschia Wreath

Ice Cream Parlor Retro Wreath
Thankful Pear Wreath

Tinseltown Wreath

Easter Parade Wreath
I have to say here, that the photography (courtesy of Sam Yarbrough) and presentation of the wreaths in The Chicadee Shop is just amazing. Shows you how talented these independent artists are when it comes to promoting their wares.
UPDATE: Melissa from The Chicadee Shop is offering free shipping on one wreath within the US, to anyone who mentions they found her through Apothecary Fox. Yippee! Thanks Mellissa x

With Wreaths like these, I am sure you will agree...they are not just for Christmas


  1. what no kumquats ?
    but as you know -share your love of wreaths and the smell of balsam is just magical ! xx Mutt

  2. So great of you to post this! Thank you so much! Anyone who finds The Chicadee Shop here gets free shipping on one wreath to the states. This is such a great blog, can't wait to see what you come up with next! Happy Halloween!

  3. Hurry folks...this is an offer you cannot refuse! I just need to narrow down my choices and pick one! Thanks Melissa x

  4. i want the easter parade wreath! swoon!!


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