Monday, October 12, 2009


Sorry for missing this out last week, but this week, I am loving...

1. Vintage Canning Jars, Sparkkle Jar 2. Folklore Pincushion, Bread and Roses 3. Scottie Dog, Vintage Chenille

4. Mini Goals Chalkboard, Mary Kate McDevitt 5. Retro Roller Skate Teacup, Folded Pigs 6. Letterpress Cupcake Box, Simple Song Designs

7. Merit Badge for 'Being as Sweet as Pie', Lee Meszaros 8. Little Miss Fox Brooch, Crafty Folk 9. Regal in Green and Gold Corsage, A Alicia Accessories


  1. This is a gorgeous collection, you desreve the merit badge, it's so sweet! thanks so much for including my scottie!

  2. Thanks Leah, I have been coveting your scotties for ages now....waiting for the right moment to get one. x


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