Friday, October 2, 2009


Omlet, is a UK based company that provides everything a smallholder would need to keep chickens, quail, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs or bees. The trend towards "growing your own" has exploded in Britain over the past few years. This company has created a modern, colourful and fun "Eglu" to keep your little critters in comfort and safety, with style. You can even order chickens to be delivered along with your Chicken House to get started right away.

The website gives you all the information you could need to purchase and care for the correct animal or breed, that suits your space and environment. For a full range of products, go here. Obviously, I would go for the pink version!

Pops and our new Bees

On a personal note, we have always kept lots of animals on our small farm in Vermont, thanks to Pops' passion for animals. It may be a surprise to most who know me that I grew up milking cows at the crack of dawn, mucking out the horses, collecting eggs and emptying the "chicken bucket" of scraps into the chicken coop. There is no substitute for your own eggs. If you have never had them, you could not believe the colour of the yokes, or the taste, compared to store bought eggs.

Our Rustic Chicken Coop, the door to the run is closed with the back of an old Adirondack Chair!

If only we had had one of these gorgeous chicken houses I would no longer be scarred by the experience of being locked in our coop as a little girl. I won't name names, you know who you are!


  1. thought you had fallen off the grid! addy chair closing the door... genius pic helgs.

  2. Yeah, my real job kind of took over this week. Been storing up things so ready to get posting again!

  3. I've always wanted an eglu!

  4. Great to find your blog. Family of mine have an Eglu for their chickens, it's so cool :) I grew up working on the next door farm to my Grannies, a great kind of life. Hugs, Catherine x

  5. Thanks for dropping by Catherine!

  6. Oh man the chicken coop! Of all the chores I've helped with over the years (moving hay probably wins as favorite) the chicken bucket to the coop was the only one I couldn't ever do again. Ug!


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