Thursday, October 8, 2009

HOUSE CALLS: Megan Price from Mr PS

Megan Price is the talent behind the quintessentially British Mr PS. Taking her inspiration from travels at home and abroad, and a love for food and drink, she creates delicious vintage inspired images of the Great British past times of taking Afternoon Tea, trips to the Seaside, the Greasy Spoon Breakfast, and Tea of course! Her screen printed images are created in a rainbow of colours, in the form of Prints, Tea Towels, Mugs and Totes. So let's take a tea break and let Megan tell you about her work...

Describe the work that you do.
"I design and screen-print home interior accessories. At the moment this includes my signature range of tea towels, as well as mugs, shopper tote bags and screen-print artwork on paper."

What was the career/education path you took to get to this point?
"As soon as I started screen-printing whilst on my Art & Design Foundation course I was hooked. My degree is in Visual Communication Design: Illustration, but I have also studied Printed Textiles, and Design Technology. So I have a good skills base to draw upon when it comes to new work and commissions."

Where do you get your inspirations?
"The things around me, the lifestyle I lead; going out for brunch at the weekend, afternoon tea with friends... Over the last few years I’ve moved around a bit, and I spent time living near the sea, but now I’m back in a busy city, so these locations have had a influence."

Describe the creative process in designing and constructing a particular piece.
"Walking, looking, thinking, talking, drawing. Sketching out idea, cutting up bits of paper, laying everything out. Then scanning in and sorting things out digitally. Then laser-printing the final design out, ready to make a silkscreen. Things sometimes change again, and again. Then the colour-mixing and the screen-printing - my favourite bit!"

Where do you create your work?
"I am lucky to have a dedicated studio space to print, sew, iron, store stock, pack... I also have a home office for catching up on e-mails and paperwork. My studio is on 4th floor of an old cotton mill, so it feels appropriate to be making tea towels here. Being so high up means I have great views across the city to the moors, very handy for daydreaming!"
Images from Megan's Studio

Share some of your favourite artisans whose work you admire.
"Everyday I seem to discover handmade items to covet... designers I go back to and check what they’re working on next include Joanna Rutter
Walnut Vixen Necklace, Joanna Rutter

I can’t wait to see the new mug designs by illustrator Robert Shadbolt
Gocco Print Set, Robert Shadbolt

And I recently came across the adorable ceramic work of Anna Hunt."
Ceramic Buttons, Anna Hunt

Where do you sell your work?
"My main online shop is here where you can find the entire Mr.PS range as well as occasional special one-offs. I’m also on Etsy. I wholesale to independent retailers in the UK, Japan, France and North America."

What are the things you love most in your life?
"At the moment I’m enjoying discovering a new region of England, having recently moved across the country. Different cities, galleries, shops, countryside, farmers markets. I try to have one day out a week, although work will invariably take over. It’s great to be able to jump into the car or train and just feel like being on holiday, when you are just free to explore."

What would you do “in your wildest dreams”?
"I’d like to set up an amazing open-access fully staffed and equipped screen-print workshop. Despite all the interest in making and crafting at the moment, facilities can be hard to come by for graduates or people wishing to re-train or just try things out. I’m always being asked how to screen-print, make screens, where to buy equipment."

What is your greatest professional achievement?
"Having gradually built up Mr.PS and now being able to focus on it full time. This year I have also expanded my international stockists to 2 outlets in Japan as well in Canada and Paris."
What is new with you and your work?
"Well, Christmas is coming so there’ll be a new seasonal Mr.PS tea towel out soon. Also, there’s some more mugs in the pipeline, and I’m looking at increasing the tableware range, in terms of ceramic and well as textile."

Do you have a motto for life?
"Sometimes I have to remind myself of this on almost a daily basis, We’ll get there in the end!”

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  1. I love all these, brings back a taste of England to me - just fantastic :)


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