Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have never intended this project to get too personal. Obviously I talk about the things I love, but with the emphasis on highlighting other people's talent, through my own subjective stand point. The one exception will always be documenting my journey towards the ultimate goal...opening a boutique of lovely things, back in my other home of Vermont. So indulge me for a moment, while I break a rule.

I finished my full time job of Restaurant General Manager, for this lovely establishment, on Monday. I am officially unemployed, after 11 years with the same company! This job has truly been my entire life for as long as I can remember, and in order to get some of that back I just had to move on. My team of talented and inspired individuals have made it possible for me to leave with a sense of achievement and no regret (yet). These guys are truly amazing. The VERY best in the business.

My Management Team and I, indulging in some delicious Krug at my leaving party. Thanks to the guys from The Bon Vivant for giving me such a great send off.

Under the bunting (thanks Janey) with some of the gang.

I think having the Festive Season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and my Birthday all coming up in the next 6 weeks makes it easy for me to accept the time off. I hope to hit the ground running in the planning stages for my store in January. With any luck I can open up by the summer...fingers very tightly crossed. I can't wait to share my plans and the details of what will become Apothecary Fox, a kind of modern General Store of loveliness.

Anyway, the fun part of the move has been building up my Vermont-life essentials. It is going to be COLD! These are my purchases to fend off the snow and make the most of the winter in my new home. A while back I did a post about the ultimate winter boots, and finally decided on these.

L.L.Bean Boot, Shearling Lined, naturally!

L.L. Bean's Warm and Light Down Jacket, avoids the bulky look.

Hunter Huntress Wellington Boots, essential chicken coop-ware

Aigle's Lantaro Gilet (I cheated and bought it ages ago but now I get to justify the purchase)

And not forgetting the ultimate accessory, an Alexander McQueen wool skull print scarf. Surely the very best gift anyone could have been given for leaving a job. Adding a bit of glamour to the Green Mountains. Thanks guys!


  1. Mmmm...Krug...jealous :)

  2. My first and probably LAST time, but a perfect occasion to do it on. Delicious.

  3. Sounds festive and fun and I am so looking forward to knowing all about the grand opening of your store!
    Love the boots, gosh I am so sure it is freezing in Vermont! Plus how can you go wrong with the pink coat-vest trimmed in fur?! Thanks for a fun post!


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