Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just had to share with you a little birthday pressie I bought for myself recently, this gorgeous crocheted blanket by the supremely talented Chrissy from Popsicle Stick.

A while back I included her work in one of my Weekly Remedies posts and it was the single item that prompted the most comments and messages that I have ever featured. Ofcourse I decided that I just had to have one, and I embarked on a wonderful process of choosing the colourway and over all look of the blanket with a considerable amount of help from Chrissy. Pink and Green were clearly going to be the main colours but faced with the array of shades and choices I needed her guidance and advice. A last minute addition was a light green ruffle around the edge that for me is just the crowning glory of this work of art. This was a wonderful experience of collaboration and support from a very gifted crafter, and we were united every step of the way.

I have the utmost admiration for the talented artisans and crafters that I search out on a daily basis, and could not begin to imagine the patience and dedication it takes to make something as beautiful as this. All I can say is, it is MUCH appreciated by myself and so many others just by the small amount of feedback I get on the items I choose to feature, that they have created.

So, not only do I urge you to check out Chrissy's other work on Etsy, but I positively command you to take time to work with any of these wonderful talents and have a piece of art of your very own. This is so much more than just spending money on a beautiful thing. This is about building a relationship with a person who puts their heart and soul into the piece you purchase, that you will most certainly feel when you use and admire that piece in your own home. It is a two way relationship that may well last into the future and will most certainly create a story and memory for you to share.

Buy Handmade....make it your New Year's pledge. You know it makes sense. x


  1. what a beautiful message - thanks from your fan and etsy crafter leslie.

  2. That's so nice!! Thank you so much!!! I am so, so happy you like it. Crochet is def a labor of love (I'm still catching up on orders), but it's also very rewarding.

    All the love, laughter and luck to you in 2010 and beyond. Everyone, buying handmade means real value for your money.


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