Thursday, December 31, 2009


Like most people, I set myself resolutions each new year to achieve something more, or start something new. Also like most people I suspect, I invariably forget about them and most certainly never get around to focusing on achieving them.

Me, circa 1980, probably resolving to use that stick to fend off my brothers.

This past year has been very different for me as I resolved to move to the US and set in motion my plans to open a boutique. I can tick that one off the list! Earlier this year I put together a list of 25 things that I wanted people to know about me (a very cathartic excercise, I highly recommend it) which included a number of wishes/resolutions. I never intended to publish it but the inevitable late night on Facebook took care of that. I don't want to get too touchy feely about it, but let's just say that my friends who read it were all incredibly supportive of the things I wrote that I wished to accomplish, and that gave me a huge push to make changes in my life. I won't post it all here, but these are the points that I wrote that have been achieved or embarked on this past year and that have entirely changed my life path.

  • I want to start a blog, but can't imagine why people would read it. (Update: Ta Da! Well here it blog, which I have been writing for about 6 months now, and amazingly people DO read it...quite alot of people actually. Thank You!!)
  • I have a secret dream to change career and start my own boutique of beautiful gifts and things for the home. It consumes my thoughts. (Update: After quitting my job in November, I am now ready to finish my plans and commit all of my time to opening Apothecary Fox)
  • I love my work too much, it takes over everything and that needs to change..this year (Update: as mentioned above I did quit after 11 years with the same company and although I miss it terribly, I know this one thing for sure...I HAD to stop working that much so I could invest my energy and focus on ME)
  • I don't drive and feel like a complete loser because of it (Update: I know you can't possibly imagine how a 35 year old could have gone through life NEVER driving, but it is true! I took 4 days of lessons and passed my test early this December!! Woo Hoo!!)
  • It has taken me too many years to realise that I want to move back home to the States, and that has to happen. (Update: I now live in Vermont)

Phew! It has been a very busy year as you can gather. This move is still a work in progress. I moved Continents to enable me to establish my business and challenge my status quo. More than that, I had to take a leap of faith and test my own resolve. In the process I left my friends and some family behind and that is not something I take lightly. I miss them all like crazy. Some of them are going through some very tough times and I wish I could be there for them. But I am there, more than before via phone calls/messages/email etc and very much in mind. As part of my list I wrote this...

  • I have very long suffering friends who give me the benefit of the doubt, and are still around despite the fact that I let them down constantly. My obsession with work is always to blame.
  • This is a work in progress and the geographical distance is obviously not ideal but I realise that I have to work at it all the time and I am doing that. No more excuses. I am nothing without these guys and gals.

    There are a couple of other points I wrote back then that I will share as they will form part of THIS year's new resolutions.

    • I come from 2 different cultures/continents and don't ever feel entirely at home in either (Update: Well, I am giving it a go in the States and so far I feel pretty at home! Being here has also made me realise what my Britishness means to me to)
    • I love cigarettes WAY too much (Update: the MAJOR resolution for this year has to be quitting that nasty habit. I can't use catering as an excuse anymore)
    • I am dying to have a tattoo, but typically the detail obsessed part of me can't decide on what to get, I am afraid I will never decide. (Update: I WILL decide this year, suggestions are welcome!)
    • My most favourite drink in the world...and there is alot of competition, is Magic Hat no. 9. (Update: I share this with you simply because now I live in the heart of Magic Hat land and it is still true, but I might aswell get busy getting to know more of their beers this year!)

    So, there you go. My new resolutions have all got to do with making the most of my opportunities in my new home, making new friends, reconnecting with old ones and really, really enjoying life. All good stuff.

    • I know that I am capable of anything, really...I don't doubt that at all...having the courage to do it is sometimes an issue though.

    That sums me up, and was something I wrote then to remind me that I had to take a leap of faith sometime, be courageous and just do it! So far so good.

    So, Happy New Year everyone! I encourage you to come along with me for the ride this year. I promise it will be an adventure. X


    1. Thank you - SHIVAN

    2. Can't wait to see what adventures you have in store! Happy 2010!

    3. Well done Sarah and good luck with all your new ventures. Happy 2010.
      Gillian x


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