Monday, December 28, 2009

DESIGN THERAPY: Rocks and Salt

Rocks and Salt are a small design and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, NY. Their hats are handmade using high quality materials, often taking inspiration from a classic design style that is given a modern edge through the details and fabric choices. Got the nudge on these guys from my brother, who is a closet Etsy sleuth, always picking out unique pieces that I instantly love, but would never have found myself. This is right on the money for me, and comes at a time when I am contemplating a hat purchase for the Winter months in VT.

Additional note...under their favorite materials on the Etsy profile page instead of the usual list of fabrics, materials and such like, these guys list "patron, fresh lime and sea salt" kind of people!

Great little piece on making a cycling hat, by Phil and Sara of Rocks and Salt for ThreadBanger.
This is way more than a rainy day project in my book, but interesting stuff.


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