Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Stuffed full of colourful and creative finds, WhippetGrey is a gorgeous spot to browse around while looking for a really individual gift for the friend who leans to the more unique and creative in style and design. They offer an eclectic mix of home accessories, artwork, jewellery and decorations from around the globe, that you are surely unlikely to find together in any one place. With a shared passion for travel and unusual artefacts, the WhippetGrey family source objects with a particular artistic quality and their catalogue is in itself quite a work of art (resembling a gallery exhibition catalogue). Their belief is that an article must be meaningful and timeless, and this is born out in their careful choices of exquisite objects. Read their story here.

The collection is categorized under the headings Rare Finds, Curious Objects, Secret Garden & Children's Den just hinting at the mystery and wonder contained in each carefully selected group of items. I have some of my picks for you, but don't settle for just a sneak peak. Make yourself a coffee and settle back to enjoy a long journey of delightful yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Tempted, right? I told you so!


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