Wednesday, December 9, 2009


One of the exciting parts of gift giving for me, is to personalise the wrapping of a gift, either to reflect the gift itself or the person I am giving it to. Actually on second thoughts, it would be more truthful to say that my choice of wrapping for gifts is more an expression of my own personality.

I must admit that I am a fan of the gift bag and tag approach, or the stylish box and tissue paper choice as these wrappings can turn out to be an extra gift in themselves. When I do use wrapping paper I tend to go for one specific theme. Last year it was Kraft (brown) paper with pink twine, this year I am looking for something different to use as my theme. I have toyed with the idea of rubber stamps and assorted inks to create my own unique paper but my collection of craft materials is currently in storage waiting to be shipped to Vermont, so that one's out! No matter what I do, it has to be simple and stylish. It is always hard for me to resist the lure of a pink and green scheme, but I personally don't see why Christmas should be a barrier to my favourite colours so maybe I should just give in to it!

1. Brown Wrapping Paper, Olive Manna Brown Paper 2. Lovely Deers Masking Tape, Hebe Accessories 3. Pink Japanese Masking Tape, Pretty Tape 4. Blank Gift Tags, California Craft 5. Baker's Twine, California Craft 6. Light Pink Velvet Ribbon, Kiwii
7. Starburst Tags, Every Jot and Tittle

....or why not forget the wrapping and ribbons, and plump for one of these beauties.

8. Paper Mache Boxes, with or without trim from Frippelous

I know I said I wanted something different this year, but I think that the brown paper gives a great basis to add colour and texture in ribbons, tape and twine so I am sticking with it! I guess you could say I have my theme all "wrapped up" now...

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  1. awesome items! I love every single one. And thanks for including me :)


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