Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For many people, thoughts of Christmas are triggered by images of Santa, a decorated Christmas tree, a wreath, the Nativity or a snowman. For me it has to be the candy cane. Such a simple form with clean red and white stripes and fresh cool peppermint, that will eternally put me in the Festive spirit. And not forgetting how yummy they are too! Give me red and white at any other time and I will run a mile, but this classic combination really is my favourite Festive inspiration.

1. Zuppa Artista Candy Cane Heart print, Zuppa Artista 2. Candy Stripe Stockings, Poppy's Wicked Garden 3. Peppermint Stick Baker's Twine, California Craft 4. Candy Cane Lane Album, Heart Speak 5. Hand knit Ornament, Bad Amy Knits 6. The Candy Cane Train print, The Black Apple 7. Candy Cane Personalised Notecards, Perideau Designs

Now on the subject of Candy Canes...I can't believe that you can buy them in all kinds of colours and flavours these days. Whatever happened to tradition? I have to admit that I did have to think twice before buying pink ones the other day and was really only turned off by the thought of the bubblegum flavour they came in.


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