Saturday, January 30, 2010


50s Proper is the latest clothing collection from Anthropologie. Not only do they hit the vintage Preppy nail on the head, but the styling of this collection is delightful. Using a Library setting and reference to title each outfit, they have created an old school romantic collegiate feel to each look.

Atop the Mezzanine

Quiet Hours

Curriculum Study

They are just missing that Late Charges look...

This collection reminds me of the costume design in the movie Mona Lisa Smile. Arguably not memorable for it's storyline or stellar performances, but the styling of the characters in their 1950s-era women's New England College setting is spot on. Pearls and Cardigans, A line skirts and repressed Feminist ambitions everywhere you turn in this flick.

(Mona Lisa Smile images © 2003 Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures, Inc.)


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