Monday, January 18, 2010


I think I have made it pretty clear that I am not an active practical crafter. Actually, I do have a flair for embellishment but really have no experience in making an entire piece from scratch. Well, that is going to change...NOW.

I have been dying to make my own wrapped wreath for the past year. Inspiration came from everywhere I looked for this project, and there are plenty of tutorials for yarn wrapped wreathes, such as here. My love of wreaths was exposed in a piece I did well before Christmas, featuring some truly talented individuals' work. These ladies inspired me to have a go, and I decided I wanted to create a ribbon wrapped wreath with allot of colour and a bold theme. I had a pretty good idea of how it was done after reading up on other people's how-to's, but I did simplify the process a bit. I bought a florist's wreath-form made from green hard foam that made a smooth line and gave the shape I wanted, without having to pad the ring first.

The Basic Materials: Ribbon and kraft shapes from Paper Source, glitter and glue from Martha Stewart Crafts, ring from Michaels (seriously, I could live in that store).

Creating the Label: This will read FOX when tied to the "F" on the wreath...Get it?

The Ribbon Wrapped Ring: Almost a wreath, just need some detail. (This was kind of fiddly as I was obsessing about keeping it smooth).

The Finished Article: My FOX wreath. Not bad for my very first attempt but it turned out a little clumsy with the big letters. In total it took me about an hour to make, aided by a good beer of course.

What next from the hands of Apothecary Fox I hear you ask? I am torn between cupcake baking and decorating, and scented soy candle making. Any suggestions?

(Probably should be a photography course as I have to apologise for the terrible lighting in these pics! I hope you get the gist)


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