Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I am not going to rehash the details of this embroidery hoop framed fabric project I did sometime ago. You can see my original post here. I will add to that post, that this time around I trimmed the fabric on the back away completely, allowing the hoops to hang flush to the wall. Much better.

I just wanted to show you my new additions to this collection, since I was feeling the need to change things up a little and introduce some new fabrics to my bedroom. And, even though I deliberately contrast colour and pattern when I accessorize/decorate, I felt that I could have done a better job the first time around.

I love this combo of more muted greens and pinks, and gingham is just too fabulous.

Oh yeah, and I decided to hang one of my patchwork quilts on the wall too! I swear your head is probably spinning from the amount of colour and pattern I have on my walls now, but I just love it.


  1. i love all the soft colors and fabrics you used for these! i totally want to make something like this one day!

  2. Loving the Amy Bulter Fabric, my mum bought the flower one for a table cloth and I got a fab peach, green and pink one only last week!

  3. Lovely! Stay tuned as Amy and I are offering a giveaway right here soon!! ;)

  4. Sandy this is so simple. A woman of your talent can do I in your sleep :)


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