Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Watch out, I am positively BURSTING with creativity this week!!

Still limiting myself to No-Sew projects with maximum impact/minimum effort, today I created beautiful fabric wall art. Basically, I took some fat quarters of insanely gorgeous Heather Bailey fabric ($2.75 each...can't beat it!) and stretched and tacked them over artist's canvases I bought at Michael's for about $5 each. Simple!

It is basically like gift wrapping a book, tucking in the edges and tacking them down. I wouldn't say I was as neat as I could have been, but I figure no-one sees the back anyway! Just make sure you keep the right amount of tension on the fabric to leave the finished piece wrinkle free.

Don't you just love how simple this is and how easily you can add colour/pattern to a room using this technique? Total cost per framed fabric piece...$7. Love it.

Ta Da!! My newly decorated bedroom wall...notice the Liberty for Target candle? Yum!


  1. I think I will try this one babes, loving it. Is that your photo album from David i can see!!

  2. Well spotted Janey. Pride of place! Isn't this project a good idea? Bet you can get cheap canvases at Ikea. I am going to do more, but bigger next time. Stripes I think!

  3. this is such a super idea. cheap and easy and you can use whatever fabric fits best and change it by the season. quick and dirty :-))

  4. Exactly! So easy to change around especially as it is cheap.


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