Friday, March 12, 2010


This week, I am loving...

1. "Dressed In White" Saddle Soap, Satin and Birch 2. Horses Cushion, Helkat Design 3. Horse Show Ribbons Paper Cut-Outs, Tiny Bazaar

4. "Survive" Hand Embroidered Wall Work, Bird and Bear 5. Vintage Monograme Initial, Yebisu 6. Zipper Pouch, Copabananas

7. Vintage Floral Suitcase, The Sunday Times Market 8. Aqua Vintage Floral Pillow, Plonka Home 9. Pink Lampshade, Box 64 Studios


  1. Wonderful Blog,
    I will follow with pleasure.
    Thank You
    Satin and Birch

  2. Hello Sarah,

    would it be ok to use some of your photos to give a visual impression of Apothecary Fox? We´d like to introduce your blog to our readers. Please let me know and have a lovely weekend!


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