Saturday, March 13, 2010


I don't know about you, but I am often induced to buy something at the grocery store because of the packaging it comes in. Sometimes I buy an item just because of the gorgeous label or shape of the box, with no intention of eating or drinking what is inside. Sometimes it is the font used, the combination of colours or the witty interpretation of the item's use that engages me, but whatever it is that catches my eye, I am constantly amazed by the sheer genius of the designers who create this stuff.

I stumbled upon a site called The Dieline, which specializes in showcasing the most innovative and delightful packaging out there. Here are the some of the ones that really caught my eye...

Sverigemjölken (The Swedish Milk). See how the cow pattern is actually Swedish Counties? Clever!
La Compagnie de Provence Soap. I love the simplicity of the use of clean colour and minimal text. After opening up the packaging there are instructions inside to make an origami form out of it.

Botanical Bakery. Gorgeous illustration and overall feel to this packaging that delivers the Brand's image beautifully. See how the leaf is a smile too?

Some examples of work by Minneapolis based Designer and Illustrator Crystal Barlow.
Fancy Beer.
Eenie Meenie All In One Soap.

ABC Paper Cup. I can think of a million uses for this simple and cute product.

I think I have found my new obsession. There are literally hundreds of amazing packaging concepts on The Dieline for you to browse and fall in love with. Go on, have a look.

I think the best thing about packaging design is that it becomes so easy to own your own little piece of art, in the form of a box of tea or bottle of wine for instance. You can decorate and accessorize a space with carefully chosen items that will not break the bank....Hhhmmm, now there's a thought. I will keep you posted because I feel a project coming on!

(All images from The Dieline)

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  1. i'm so alike. how many things that i've bought just because the packaging was great. the latest: a shampoo that said "giving good head"... i couldn't resist. the botanical bakery stuff is something i'd definitely buy. for sure!


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