Saturday, April 3, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! I couldn't pass up the chance to put together a collection of bunnies to celebrate the day, so here are my picks!

Salt n' Pepper Bunny by Zygopsyche

Follow the White Rabbit Ring by Untamed Menagerie

Vintage Rabbit Love Earrings by Sophie Hill

Blossom the Bag Bunny by Individualababy

"Little Bertie in the Garden" Print by Gerushia's New World

Porcelain Egg Candles and Porcelain Bunny by Revisions

I know that for most people, Easter is all about the chocolate (not to mention the religious significance), but for me it is about the cute bunnies, painted eggs and all the creative ways in which people illustrate this event.

In any event, I am sure you are all indulging in chocolate tomorrow so, enjoy!!


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