Monday, April 5, 2010

HOUSE CALLS: Jimmy and Nicole from Love Sugar Design

Well, after a wonderful weekend of lots of family time and kiddy activities, I am most certainly feeling the love. So, what better opportunity to visit the husband and wife duo behind the graphic design prints of Love Sugar Design. Nicole and Jimmy create sweet, simple and truly lovely prints that I know you will adore. Let's have a chat with them and find out more...

Describe the work that you do. "We never take ourselves too seriously and we guess that attitude is conveyed through the work that we do. We like to keep it fun."
"Follow Me" Print

What was the career/education path you took to get to this point? "We were both art majors in college and that's how we met. Jimmy went on to Pratt in NYC and I ended up getting my BA in Psychology, of all things. Jimmy works as a Senior Web/Flash Designer and before we had our sons, I worked as a Web Designer, also."

Where do you get your inspirations? "That's really the fun part of the creative process. You can find your inspiration for your next piece in just about anything. It can be one simple element such as a color or an extract of an object or shape. I guess for the most part, however, we seem to find much of our inspiration from nature."

"Let's Get Lost (Owls in the Forest)" Print

Describe the creative process in designing and constructing a particular piece. "Sometimes it starts with a concept that we want to work into a new piece. Before we do anything, we try to have a color scheme in mind, but sometimes we're just too excited about drawing something out first, that we put those details on hold. Jimmy is very decisive about the way he works and designs and can have the whole piece laid out flawlessly in his mind--he's a genius, really. I'm more of the sensing/feeling type, like, "let me see how this looks over here and in this color", etc--I don't work in a very efficient manner. I just know I'm done when it "feels" right--however silly that may sound."

Where do you create your work? "This is funny because we have a really nice studio set up in one of our spare bedrooms where we have this awesome G4 computer, but I (Nicole) can never really work in there because of our 20 month old son, Jude. He's always trying to climb on the desk or switch off the computer or sit on our printer. Luckily, I’m able to work on our laptop, which I set up high on our kitchen counter. This is great because I can still keep an eye on the kids (we also have a 6 year old son, Rain) and get some work done."

The Studio

The Boys of Love Sugar Design!

Would you share with us some of your favourite artisans whose work you admire? "Wow, there are so many incredible artisans out there, particularly on Etsy. We love the work of The Black Apple, Lil B Designs’ crafts, and the photography of Futurowoman, to name only a few."

"Button Collector" Print by The Black Apple

Roll N Go Crayons by Lil B Designs

"Succulent in a Cup" Polaroid Print by Futurowoman

Where can we find your work? "For now we’re selling our work exclusively in our Etsy shop at"

What/who are the things you love most in your life? "
We love each other and our boys the most. If we had a pastime it would definitely be eating and finding new and exciting places to try out as a family. Weekends are our favorite time, of course. Here in Miami there are so many wonderful parks to visit—some are even on the water, so there’s never a shortage of venues in that sense."
"I'm Sew Very Happy" Print

What would you do “in your wildest dreams”, if there were no restrictions (like money, or responsibilities!)?
"I’m pretty sure we would spend our days travelling and eating and just relaxing and being creative together."
"Dreams and Love" Print

What is your greatest professional achievement? "
Honestly, we’re just so excited that we’ve had a positive response to our work. Just the idea that our work is selling and folks are hanging it on their walls is the biggest thrill, really."
"Love Before Pride (Quilted Peacock)" Print

What is new with you and your work? "Well we’re currently working on adding some paintings to our Etsy shop and hopefully some other pieces that we think our customers might enjoy. Aside from that, I think our work is always changing and that’s a large part of what makes our job fun—that is, the whole process of creating and evolving as an artist."

Do you have a motto for life?
We’re very optimistic about life over here at Love Sugar Design. Like the old song says, “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative… spread joy up to the maximum”, I think that’s a rather good fit for us."

Don't you think that their designs just radiate happiness and positivity? I am convinced that if I had one of their prints it would rub off on me too (not that I am not also happy and positive, but you get what I am saying)! The blog at Love Sugar Design will keep you up to date with all their latest happenings and creative endeavours, so make sure you check in.


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