Monday, April 12, 2010

ROLL UP, ROLL UP... It's Circus Time!

You might have read that I was off to the circus this weekend, The Big Apple Circus to be exact. We have been going to see this talented bunch since my brothers and I were pretty small, but it has been 20 years since I have seen them in action. This is a performing arts circus that showcases incredible theatrical talent from all over the world, in just one ring.

The B.A.C. only uses a small number of horses and rescue dogs for beautifully choreographed routines, no caged animals.They concentrate instead on the talented artists who perform contortion, high wire, trapeze and much much more. And of course, the world famous Grandma and Bello, the clowns.

The Big Apple Circus, founded in 1977, is a not for profit organisation that supports the communities they perform in and children and families throughout the US, through dedicated outreach programs such as Clown Care, Circus After School and Vaudeville Caravan.

So, in celebration of this wonderful institution and the artisans who live for the fabulous world of Circus, I have chosen just a few treats for you to enjoy!

Cotton Candy Earrings, The Mouse Market

"Elvira on a Tightrope" Papercut Art, Tina Tarnoff

Toy Elephant Family, Loran Scruggs

Circus Tent Gift Box, Favor Makers

Vintage Clown Wall Hangings, Kitsch Cafe

For a comprehensive and fascinating look into the history of the circus, visit Circopedia. Good stuff.

(Images of The Big Apple Circus courtesy of Big Apple Circus)


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