Friday, May 7, 2010


Foxy Fact: Did you know that a fox's tail is called a brush?

British readers will recall Basil Brush, the puppet character on children's tv during the 60s/70s and beyond. Distinctively dressed in tweed deer stalker, waistcoat, cape and cravat, Basil had the look and accent of a gentleman fox with a nod to the character of Sherlock Holmes in his styling. His catch phrase "Boom, Boom", would ring out every time he told a joke. Basil was always very touchy about his brush being called a tail. And so we all learned that a fox tail is a BRUSH!

Basil Brush, created 1963 (image from BBC)

So, let's get to the latest selection of Foxiness I found this week.

"Foxy Fox" Print by Pamela Michelle

Set of 3 Woodland Animals Hardwood Toys (Fox pictured, natch) by The Wood Garden

"Foxy Force Three" Print by inaluxe

Vintage Gold Clutch by Butter Cookies

Foxy Mama Card by Yevgeniya's Prints

Just in time for Mother's Day this weekend, this card is perfect! Have a good one!! x


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