Friday, May 7, 2010

Say it with flowers

It cannot have escaped your attention that Mother's Day (in the US) is on Sunday 9th May. In Britain it was on Sunday 14th March. In my family it is more of an occasion to mark with a special card and a nice chat, as we are spread all over the world and rarely get to spend any of these dates together. Anyway, as my Mutt would say, forced celebrations/occasions hyped by the card making companies are not the time to say something that you should say to your loved ones all the time. Spontaneity and genuine instinctive expression of our feelings are much more our speed in the Fox household.

But then there are flowers...I mean, who doesn't love them? Why not give a gift that is flower related and will stand the test of time, not wilt or die off, so it can be kept and cherished? Why not indeed!

"English Roses on Aqua" Print, Annechovie

Daisy Bunch Headband, Lou and Lee

Clothespin Cushion Cover, Coucou Salut

"Colt Love" Print, Hillary Bird

Yellow Poppy Clutch, Red Ruby Rose

So, whatever you give, and wherever you are just take a moment to thank your Mum with a little bit of spontaneity at any time, not just on the designated Sunday.

My brother was asked to do a piece on our mum (pictured above) who we call Mutt (as in Mutter, German for mother) for the fabulous blog, All Plaid Out. Pop over and check out this perfectly pitched tribute to our fabulous mother here. Damn, he is just too good with words! I am pretty sure that is one of the best Mother's Day gifts she has ever been given.

Cheers to all of my favourite mothers in my life, Mutt, Nance, Mindy, Fe, Duff, Sally, Jean and Dorothy. My absolute respect and admiration for what you have all achieved. Love you. x


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