Monday, July 19, 2010

Great British Etsy Love

While browsing through the press today I stumbled upon an article in the Telegraph newspaper, celebrating the boom in Etsy sales and the UK Etsy market. I am always constantly surprised that passionate crafters and artisans don't all know about Etsy, and even more surprised that consumers who love handmade, unique items aren't already as crazy for it as I am. This is especially the case in Britain, although this article shows that Etsy is fast becoming a favourite there too.

A couple of impressive stats from this article...
39 million people visit Etsy each month
In April 2010, sales of goods on Etsy were $22 million
In Britain, sales have grown from $1 million in 2007 to $5 million in 2009
There are 400,000 sellers worldwide on Etsy

This article also links to a list of notable and successful British Etsy sellers, most of whom I have featured here as my own favourites. To save you the time and the constant link clicking, I thought I would give them a little of my own airtime for your enjoyment.

Linocut Boy is Nick Morley, a London artist and illustrator specialising in linocuts, screenprints and etchings.Big Bunny Linocut

Blue Turkeys Linocut

Let's Get It On Screenprint

Galavant is the shop owned by London based Sinead Devlin, selling handmade costume jewellery

Gingham Teapot Necklace

Ahoy Sailor Necklace

Fly With Me Necklace

Mister Rob is otherwise known as the papercut and screenprint artist Rob Ryan, one of Etsy's most well known sellers, who can also be found at his London shop Ryantown.

My Home Screenprint

Bird Lady Screenprint

Apples and Miss Moon Vinyl Record

Belle and Boo
should need little introduction if you have been following my blog for any time at all. But for the record, this is the work of illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe who creates delightful images of Belle and her friends, on prints, cards, clothing, cushions and more. Her success has been stellar since she opened her Etsy store. Last year, I was lucky enough to have some time to get Mandy's pearls of wisdom for an interview I did here.

Dress Up Belle and Boo Paper Doll

Julia Pott is an animator and illustrator from New York studying at the Royal College of Art, London.

Why Won't You Love Me Print

Unicorn Tattoo

Woolly Bear Print

Storey Shop by Helen Foers, sells her range of handmade cards, posters and sock monkeys.

Hey Good Lookin' Card

Pink and Lilac Sock Monkey

You Had Me At Hello Card

Mr P.S. is the vintage-inspired work of illustrator Megan Price. Read my own interview from 2009 with this talented lady here.

New Bag Shopper Tote

Tea and Coffee Heart Tea Towels

Veggie Menu Screenprint

I will point out that this list is all English based (and London-centric), and that there are lots of very talented Etsy sellers throughout the rest of the UK. In the spirit of a little balance and bias, see my previous picks for Scotlish Etsy Sellers.


  1. thanks so much for mentioning us on your wonderful blog, we really appreciate it.

  2. A pleasure as always. Your work just keeps getting better and better!


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