Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Must have...

My friends will tell you I have a thing for the bubbles. There is no question that I NEED this...

Keeps the champers cold for upto 2 hours and let's face it, even if it didn't you can't get a cooler package than this! The Widow is as stylish as ever.


  1. puts the "beer fridge" to shame.

  2. They always have the coolest packaging at VCP, remember the origami paper ice bucket? This is mental though.

  3. Think it would be tacky to put one of these next to my bed?

    Did you ever see their handbag? It was a few years ago, crazy. Nice little handbag that fits one bottle of bubbly nice and happily.

  4. They are so clever with their marketing material. They did this paint buckket/tin filled with mini bottles and the "Clic" which was the nozzle to attach to the bottle to drink right out of. Class!
    I have been to Veuve a couple of times and the gift shop is insane. One of these days I will tell you about the 6 course dinner with champagne to match each course, aperitif of the Grande Dame and after dinner champagne only made for the Queen Mother. Ofcourse all served in magnums or jeroboams!! At the Chateau Clicquot. Sorry, I am bragging....;)


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