Monday, August 23, 2010

G is for Girly

I have said this many times before but although I have an obsession with pink bordering on certifiable, I am not a exactly a girly gal. I don't wear dresses or skirts, almost never wear heels and daily grooming routine pretty much amounts to brushing my hair and tying it up in a bun. BUT...I always wear make-up (just a touch, mascara and blush), I have my toenails painted all of the time, I have a killer bag collection and I love to accessorize. Statement pieces of jewellery, are my thing. Anyway, I guess I have always had this underlying desire to be more of a typical girl, and despite my less than girly age (I fear I am approaching middle age too fast!) I am drawn to the feminine and cute in things.

Here are my latest objects of girly desire...

Blythe Dolls

...and the awesome obsession that Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals and Tiny Bazaar has for these strangely cute little ladies. The sheer fact that their eye colour can be changed had me hooked.

Anthropologie anything...

Breaking news: Anthro is opening a store in Edinburgh pretty much next door to my old restaurant and although I am green with envy, I have to be thankful that I am not in a position to blow my "fortune" on after work shopping anymore!

Ballet flats with embellishments...

Rising Starlet Flats

Sequin Bow Flats

Over the top costume jewellery...

Fringe Cuff

Carrington Crystal Bow necklace

Crystal Rose necklace

Silver and Opal Bow belt buckle


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