Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 31st Annual Peru Fair

I can cross this one off my bucket list! Since way before I moved back to Vermont last year I have had a dream that I could be a part of our town's yearly country fair. The Peru Fair is entering it's 31st year, although it is actually the 29th fair after a couple of absent years. Beginning it's life in 1978 as the "End of the World Tag Sale", this local event has surpassed all of our expectations. Over the years it has attracted up to 8,000 people and I cannot even fathom how that is possible in such a tiny town as ours, but hope we can match that this year.

This is a true town effort with over 80 volunteers from a population of less than 200 year-round residents (we have aprox. 400 registered residents in Peru but at least half of them are seasonal), making this event one of Vermont's Top 10. It takes a village and all that...

I am proud to have been accepted to join the committee and I head up the advertising and marketing arm of this small but mighty group of passionate people. Since social media is somewhat on my radar (blogging, Facebook, Twitter) I thought I could provide some added value in that area. Please join our Facebook Fan Page for all the up to the minute info and images from the fair, past and present.

This year we have over 120 local artisans, crafters, food vendors and non-profit organizations who have taken up booths that will be located along the length of our Main Street on the day (25th September) of the fair. This is the largest selection of local talent we have ever had and the Peru Fair Committee is hoping for a bumper year. The proceeds of the fair are donated to the Peru Scholarship Fund which aims to help fund all town children in their goal to follow further education beyond high school level. It is an enormously worthy cause I am sure you will agree.

Preparations for the fair start in January, and involve a multitude of tasks that culminate in a 6am start on the day to ensure that the whole event runs smoothly. I for one will be fully prepared for all weathers and lots of time on my feet, so here is my Peru Fair Look...

10engines Avenge Me Cap (In green 802, it's the Vermont dialling code for those out of the loop ;0)

Basic, comfy jeans from Gap

Peru Fair Tshirt ( Think I will treat myself to a new one)

Peru Fair Apron (This is how you will recognise the Peru Fair Committee on the day, come and say Hi!)

A tradition that had lapsed over the past few years, was that our own Peru Volunteer Fire Department would be responsible for our famous pig roast. This year, we are proud to welcome them back to carry on this much anticipated offering. We take our Pig very seriously in these parts!

Let me tell you a secret....if you are in the area the night before, the best pre-fair activity is keeping our boys company while they roast the pigs starting the night before. It is an all night affair!

But let me warn you, the pig roast starts at 11am and if you wait too long it will be gone (see picture above)!

I am beyond proud to be a small part of this community endeavour and I hope to see you all there...9am sharp on 25th September 2010.


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