Thursday, September 16, 2010

R is for Rocking Chair

You might have an image of your granny, rocking gently on a porch, rug over her knees etc. when you think of a rocking chair. I think of comfort, relaxation and serious style when it comes to some of the most unique examples of this piece of furniture. This is a piece that can only be used for down time, and we all want a bit of that! The trick is that not all rockers are comfy, so you have to test drive them to find the perfect one.

Hejka Rocking Chair, Ikea

Emeco Heritage Rocking Chair by Philippe Starck, DWR

Eddy Rocker, ducduc

The hybrid rocker or Glider as it is properly known, masquerades as an armchair with the added benefit of a gentle rocking motion. I guess they are used most in nurseries for nursing mothers, but don't let that stop you.

Custom Design Presidio Glider, Serena and Lily

The absolute ultimate example of this design form is the Eames RAR Rocker. I have already stated my love of this chair here. So I won't say more than has always been, and always will be my dream to have one of these beauties.


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