Friday, September 24, 2010


It really is about time I put together my favourite Foxy Finds for you all. I miss it, and realise that by not putting together my picks every week it is so much fresher and more unique when I do revisit all the lovely foxiness out there. Less is more etc.....Plus, my sister-in-law found a killer piece and it got me back on track...

Aah...feels good to get back into it. Nice stuff right? The Darling Clementine Pillow was Mindy's pick for me and I have to admit it is my fave, v.v. closely followed by this adorable scarf by No Added Sugar. Once again, they hit it out of the park. Perfection!

Have a wonderful weekend won't you? I will be working hard and enjoying my time at the Peru Fair tomorrow. If you are in the area (Peru, Southern Vermont) then drop by. It is going to be an amazing day.

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  1. Really love foxy Friday ....... what a fantastic find. Thanks xx


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