Thursday, September 23, 2010

U is for Umbrella

OK, so not very inspired but since it has finally decided to rain a bit after weeks of drought then I thought it was fitting! Umbrellas are tricky things, particularly if you are short (like me) and trying to navigate city streets. Inevitably you end up poking people in the head/eye/back and it doesn't make for any kind of enjoyable stroll. However when you are in the country and don't have others to think about, an umbrella provides the perfect canopy of shelter and I love the sound of the rain over head whilst keeping nice and dry.

I have always wanted one of those bubble umbrellas that cover just about half your body and you can see through to aid in the walking-not tripping process. Plus, umbrellas can work as sun shades too so you can get your money's worth in all seasons. Anyway, here are my current faves...

For a strictly no rain situation, these Chinese paper and bamboo parasols are perfect. Available in every color of the rainbow I can see these hanging in a room for decoration.


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