Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pretty Plates

Whether you cook and entertain with them, or use them as decorative elements in your home, there is no shortage of beautiful and unique pieces perfect for any occasion. If you think these are too beautiful to use, think again. True, they are a piece of art in themselves but the delight is making each piece a part of your life. Use them carefully and enjoy them.

Lucinda the Giraffe Plate by Beat Up Creations

Tapas Plates by Louche Lab

Edinburgh Big Wheel Plate by Esther Coombs

French Cafe Plate by Rae Dunn

Selection of Plates from Nina Invorm

I have always secretly yearned to have a collection of gorgeous plates mounted on my wall, and pay homage to the retro decorative feature that would make most think of commemorative plates of the Royal family. These would make for a beautiful display. Then I would serve afternoon tea with macaroons and french fancies on them...


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