Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Guide: Bag Ladies

I adore bags, you probably know that by now, but I am caught in a "tote bag rut" at the moment just because it is too damn easy to haul all my "essentials" around in a tote and I can throw it in the washing machine when I need to. I actually use L.L.Bean totes as organisers in my car boot to keep everything neat and tidy (again, too many "essential" items stored in my car). Thinking about it, my car has become one huge big silvery tote bag....Aaarrrghhhh.

When I do drag myself out of the tote-phase, it is still about function and practicality but I want something individual, eye catching and usually shiny, but always roomy for all those "essentials".

Handbag in Mahogany with Detachable Strap by Death and Texas

Violet Leather Hobo by Patkas

Gold Little Basket Handbag by Smadar Shani

Pink Leather Small Bag by Ray Design

Shikotsu Bag in Walnut by Valhalla Brooklyn

Every one of these beauties has a simplicity and maturity to them that I adore, with the addition of beautiful material and excellent craftsmanship. Suddenly canvas totes just don't have the same appeal!


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