Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Guide: Art Lovers

There is something about the Museum/Gallery gift shop that I just cannot resist. Since I was tiny it has provided a pull for me and I have one too way pencil cases/fridge magnets/paper cube notepads with (insert famous painting here) emblazoned on it.

Things have moved on from the exhibition calendar/Van Gogh coffee mug/needlepoint kit of Monet's Lilies......for art lovers in your life, you will find contemporary and unique items often commissioned by the institution to the artist/designer exclusively for their shops.

From The Tate (my sister in law works there, if I were her I would live in the gift shop I suspect).

From MoMa

From The National Gallery, London

Essentially English Tea Towel

Truly Scrumptious Cardboard Cake Stand

From The Victoria & Albert Museum

Pause and Wonder Poster by Aardvaark

See what I mean? This is just a tiny sampling, there are just too many fabulous things to shop for these days. So stop off at the gift shop and pass right on by the exhibition mugs and head straight for this stuff next time you go. "Cultural Shopping" I think I will call it.


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