Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gift Guide: Wonderful Woollens

Since I have resolutely left the realm of knitting to other more talented individuals, I am committed to finding unique and beautiful knitted pieces crafted by others. Isn't Christmas just the best time of year to give woolens (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere)? You just know that your recipient will want to snuggle up with their pressie immediately.

Here is a pick for pretty much everyone on your really cannot ever have too many scarves or pairs of gloves, but there are so many more imaginative options to go for instead.

Six Cord Knitted Necklace by A Alicia

Olive Green & Pink Flower Child's Beanie by Sugar And Caffeine

Black & White Knit Stole by Eugenia Kim

Shaggy Beige Everyday Bag by NzL Bags

Amethyst Luxe Pom Pom Aviator by Laine Design

Purple Patterned Woolen Mittens by Art of Handicrafts

Organic Cotton Newborn Baby Hat and Bootie Set by Dover & Madden


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