Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Project 9: Wreath Decorating

I know it is a little late in the day to start talking about decorating wreaths but the truth is that we bought our wreath some time ago and had committed to decorating it ourselves. Naturally, our good intentions fell slightly by the wayside so it was only today that I managed to deck it out. Probably best to file this post under "For future reference"....

We bought our wreaths (and tree) at the DeCell's Christmas Tree Farm in Weston, Vermont. Since we were mesmerized in by the immense beauty and scale of the 4 foot wreath which is now mounted on the side of our barn, the wreath for the main door had to be downsized. We bought a 14 inch undecorated wreath and I pledged to gussy it up.

So what to do with a bare wreath? Why tie a bow on it of course! At Glebe Mountain Gardens in Londonderry, Vermont the staff will gladly demonstrate how to create the perfect bow for your wreath and if you ask nicely you can make one alongside them and get a professional helping hand in the end result. They have a fabulous selection of ribbon for you to purchase and then you can take pride in the fact that you added the crowning glory to your wreath. The Cowles family who own it are friends of ours and they have a huge assortment of wreaths, trees and other greenery for the festive season.
I think the key to tying your own wreath bow is to choose a wired ribbon with color and pattern (I chose a buffalo check flannel ribbon) to draw attention away from the amateur flaws, but I think I can be justifiably proud of my efforts.

Ta Da!! Ready just in time for Christmas.

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