Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sensory Therapy: Muse Perfumery

You know I am a sucker for candles and packaging, so when I saw the new branding design for Muse Perfumery on The Dieline I was smitten.

The packaging of these handmade and all natural candles features a letterpress label and wood based packaging, each scent is represented through the color of the label and the delightful vintagey pattern of leaves and flowers on the box.

"Rendered by the graphic designers at Wink, Muse Wax Candles branding embodies the aroma of each luminary with a physical depiction of the fragrance’s motif. The colors and petals of each flower and fruit have been intricately unfolded into bright and beautiful wooden boxes." Via Trendhunter

Pear, Fig, Cardamom....too many to choose from!


  1. I see that these candles are getting a lot of attention for their package design, but I can't figure out where to buy them!

  2. I think they were just a proposal, not in production


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