Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day

Another Snow Day came upon us yesterday. 8 inches overall, topped off with freezing rain. Brrrr... Lucky for me I work from home, so no need to tackle the roads on a day like this. Instead, I thought I would go with the snow white theme from an Etsy Treasury I did recently, for a bit of colour therapy.

Left to Right: Row 1: Alyssa Ettinger, Tiny Toadstool, Jackie Rueda Photography Row 2:  Sycamore Street Press, Sweet Bestiary, Lola's Room Row 3: Amye 123, NzL Bags, Tuuni Row 4: La Pomme, May Third, Diem Design

This collection makes me feel very calm. I guess white does that though, I have always held that crisp white sheets on a bed make you feel like you are going to have the most peaceful night's sleep. Is that strange? It's wild how a simple colour like white has so many variations in tone and hue when you put them all together.

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  1. Uh! The second item is fantastic!!!
    Wonderful selection!!!

    I hope I can be your next remedy..
    If you want, take a look here:
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    Have a nice day dear FOX !!!



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