Monday, January 17, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Liberty of London

How do I put this....I love Liberty, I love florals and I love Children's books so I can't help thinking this collection was designed specifically with the Fox in mind. Or, perhaps my loves are not so unique to me....clearly others love the combination too. Liberty has released their Spring/Summer 2011 Tana Lawn fabric designs and there is no shortage of fabulousness amongst them. These newest collections take inspiration from the world of Children's illustration. I think the result is a range of designs that exhibit a wonderful spirit and playful character. Here are my picks....

Delfie, Pep and Tuesday Trees by Lauren Child
Lauren Child is the award-winning illustrator, most recognised for her characters ‘Charlie and Lola’ and ‘Clarice Bean’, who were first introduced in two series of children's books. "Lauren’s fabric designs are a mixture of an original ‘Clarice Bean’ she has created for Liberty, and patterns inspired by Liberty Archive prints she has selected personally. Delfie is based around an archival print with wrought iron swirls, created by Gillian Farr in the early 60s. The result is a beautiful heart-shaped floral check, decorated with classic Liberty print flowers and acorns."- Liberty
Pep takes inspiration from the cherry blossom and the result is a stylised floral pattern and Tuesday Trees cleverly references archival Liberty prints in it's forest pattern. 

 Plum Dog and Ian Rhodes by Emma Chichester Clark
Emma Chichester Clark was taught by the singularly unique Quentin Blake. "She has won the ‘Mother Goose’ award for her children’s book illustrations. This series of designs was inspired by her book ‘Eliza and the Moonchild’. Created for Liberty, ‘Plum Dog’ is an original print featuring Emma’s beloved dog Plum. Ian Rhodes features a hand-painted used watercolour box, evoking Eliza’s need to paint everything she sees in the ‘Moonchild’ story. "-Liberty
Olivia Strange and Reuben Kelly by David McKee
David McKee is an award-winning illustrator and the creator of the legendary Mr Benn stories, a character that was turned into a British children’s television programme in the 70s depicting the bowler hatted Benn having magical adventures sparked by visits to a costume shop. "The illustration created for this collection was hand painted by David, and designs were based around an image of Mr Benn about to embark on an adventure as a Liberty Print Knight. Inspired by the swirls on a shop keeper’s jacket, Olivia Strange features a ribbon shop of ribbons. Rueben Kelly shows Maypole ribbons cascading down the fabric, a design inspired by a shopkeeper’s stripy trousers. "

You know I love ribbons so I have to say that Olivia Strange is my absolute favourite, but there is so much variety in this collection that there is a pattern for everyone to fall in love with this season. See for yourself here.


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