Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Deer!!

I have a thing for deer. Living in Vermont, you kind of have to love them (or shoot 'em). Anyway, I have already mentioned that Pops has a thing for taxidermy so the house is full of mounted deer parts but I prefer to appreciate this animal in a decidedly less graphic and cuter form. There is no shortage of adorable uses of the deer (more specifically the fawn) image out there to satisfy my love for this animal. More Bambi than Buck.

"Freckle In Summer" Print, Stacey Winters

Buttercup Fawn Plush, Fantastic Toys

Buck Yourself Brooch, Kitschy Galore

"Oh Deer" Fascinator, Pretty Good Things

Green Hearts Deer Pincushion, Rabbit's Moon

The Utterly Unique Little Deer Hat, Zara Carpenter

This hat from Zara Carpenter blew my mind. She is an insanely talented milliner from England, with a beautiful collection on Etsy. Read more about her here.


  1. So adorable...I can see how you can love them, they're so peaceful:)

  2. i'd never put anything like this on my head but i LOVE the oh deer fascinator. the deer looks so adorable. i heart deers as well. wish i lived in vermont, too :-)


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